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Else Linde has her own ensembles with whom she performs at festivals and corporate events 


Sole e Amore

Sole e amore is a program for soprano and piano (Eline Bergmann) including arias and songs and solo compositions for piano. Both musicians are appreciated for their generous introductions to the works they perform from the composers Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Faure, Mendelssohn, Puccini, Guastavino and Piazolla.

Opera Twist

Opera Twist is a group with soprano/ tenor / baritone / mezzo and piano (Jeroen Sarphati). They perform in smaller settings giving a ‘Twist’ to the regular Opera repertoire using comic, theatrical  and dance devices. With a twist the program and performance can be adapted to a special location, occasion, company and even to another style of music.


Voice and Organ

In the serie “Orgel Anders” Else-Linde has an enchanting  program with organ player Tymen Jan Bronda who also arranges some of the transcriptions himself. Repertoire includes works from  Mendelssohn, Wolff,  Strauss and Piazolla.

La Habanera

A beautifull and vibrant cross-over programme with Opera, Spanish classical music and Flamenco for Dance , Guitar, Piano and Voice.


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